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Welcome to Cool Symbols!  Browse through the site and find some amazing Cool looking symbols from various regions and countries of the world. Additionally find Symbols in various themes such as Rally Symbols, Revolution Symbols, Illustration Symbols, Shipping/Package Symbols and much more.

The best part is with many Symbols, you can create your own! That's right if you like any of the Symbol sets that you see, you can download a special font and create your own unique Symbols. These fonts have been sourced from around. As far as we are aware, these fonts are Public Domain and Free for personal use, Please check the license guidelines though when using any font.  

Looking for Cool Symbols which you can create on your own with a simple computer and keyboard ? These symbols are created through ttf fonts. They can be installed and work on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Creating cool looking symbols and characters has never been easier! Check out the selection of symbols and characters below.

Cool Symbols you can create on your own!

Crown SymbolsCool Crown Symbols

Create cool looking crown symbols in over 30 different styles!


Revolution SymbolsCool Revolution Symbols

Famous characters related to revolutionary change. Create cool looking revolution symbols with this ttf font.


Illustration SymbolsCool Illustration Symbols

General illustration symbols with a variety of pictures. Create cool looking illustration symbols with this.


Children's SymbolsCool Children's Character Symbols

Character symbols of children with facial expressions and related icons. Create cool looking kids symbols here.


Sign SymbolsCool Sign Symbols

Assorted symbols of common signs. Create cool sign symbols with this font.


Mexican Bacata SymbolsCool Mexican Symbols

Symbols from Mexico! According to the font creator, these are called Bacata. Create cool Mexican themed symbols here.


Shipping SymbolsCool Shipping/Package Symbols

Symbols which you can create for shipping and package such a "this way up", "fragile", etc. Also includes recycle symbol and others. Create shipment symbols with this.


Medieval SymbolsCool Medieval Symbols

Symbols from Medieval times - Assorted Dingbats depicting icons of the Medieval era. Create cool Medieval symbols here.


Rally SymbolsCool Rally Symbols

Automotive, sport theme, rally Symbols such as rally signs and drawings. Beautifully designed symbols. View it here.


Road Sign SymbolsCool Road Sign Symbols

Create the most common Road Signs/Symbols with this font. View here.


Cool Symbols by Country/Region

Choose a country below and have a look at the national symbols that belong to that specific country. Find images and description about these Cool Country Symbols!

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